The Christmas Nugget!
JSNH&B • Spring 2009 • vol. 2 no. 1
Christmas in the Gold Fields
by Gary Noy

On Christmas Day, 1849, Mrs. William George Wilson delivered a healthy, 12-pound boy at Canyon Creek, near Georgetown. Soon a neighboring claim and the gold field grapevine had spread the tongue-in-cheek news that Bill Wilson had struck it rich and found a twelve-pound nugget. Most took the news literally, however.

“News of the big find spread like wildfire up and down the canyon where hundreds of men were at work," wrote Bennett, "At once, there was a grand rush to Bill Wilson's cabin. Every miner was anxious to see the 12-pound lump."

The Wilsons thoroughly enjoyed the moment and lined up the men at the cabin door. A few were let in at a time to view the “nugget.”

"Each of the miners loved being had," Bennett recalled, "As each squad came out of the cabin, the men solemnly asserted that the Wilson nugget was the finest ever seen."

  For three more days, the joke continued throughout the area. Bennett wrote of miners who came from more than ten miles away to see the                 giant “Christmas Nugget.”

Goldville, Alabama

​George Garner. Gold Production in Alabama.


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